The end of spring term 2018 and the 2017-2018 academic year is approaching quickly. Pistol Club does not meet during dead week, finals week, or during the summer. The following dates are our last meeting times for this academic year. If you don't make any of these dates this term we hope to see you next fall (remember training *starts* at 6pm, please get to the range early):

  • Tuesday May 15th
  • Sunday May 20th
  • Tuesday May 22nd
  • Tuesday May 29th

Also note that some nights we may be short-handed on officers to run the range. It is at the officer's discretion on whether to open the upstairs bays.

For those who have stored unused ammunition from club nights in the vault, if it is not picked up or used by the end of the school year it will default back to the club's use for sighting in pistols. (Keep in mind that storing ammunition in UHDS dorms is prohibited)