Is our Chapter a student organization or just an honor on paper?

The Oregon Beta Chapter is a student organization recognized by the university. The Chapter has officers, a constitution, and a (modest) budget. New members should become involved in PME activities immediately upon induction.

Is there a mailing list/webpage for the Chapter?

New student members of PME will be added to the mailing list, while the officers will receive mail at The Chapter website is The website for the national Society is

What are the qualifications for invitation into the honor society and the Oregon Beta Chapter?

In general, only full time students are invited, on the basis of GPA. A minimum of 3.0 in post-calculus Math courses is required by the national society. In particular, the minimum qualifications for invitation to the Oregon Beta Chapter are based on GPA in at least three courses beyond sophomore level (i.e., higher than calculus, 256, 206, 341, etc.) for example 311, 342, 451, etc. (Full list of courses used available upon request.) Infrequent exceptions are made for students who have demonstrated mathematical achievement but have not yet entered the "junior core" sequence.

What are the requirements for acceptance into the Honor Society and the Oregon Beta Chapter?

One-time dues of $20 are required for life-time membership in the Society. Students must sign their name in the official Chapter roll book and take the Pledge of the Society. These requirements are usually fulfilled at the Induction Ceremony.

What should inductees wear to the Induction Ceremony?

The inductees will need to come up on the "stage" to sign the official Chapter roll book and receive their certificates. We will likely be taking pictures of the "hand shake", thus wear whatever you feel comfortable having your picture taken in. :)

Should inductees bring friends/family/parents?

Several students in the past have brought friends/family. The Induction Ceremony is intended to be a recognition of your achievements, and therefore it is completely appropriate to share the experience with friends/family. The invited talk will be of an introductory nature, so parents should be as OK as they are ever going to be at a math talk!

What is the history of the Oregon Beta Chapter?

Oregon Beta, was founded at Oregon State University (then named Oregon State College) in 1938 and was the 36th chapter of Pi Mu Epsilon nationally. There are now 328 chapters at colleges and universities throughout the United States.

What is the meaning of the shield?

See Constitution of Pi Mu Epsilon, Inc.