Volunteering experience is vital to the HMP student's success.  Volunteering provides the student with invaluable hands on experience in the clinical setting.  This includes interaction with patients and clinical staff.  Through volunteering the student will also gain an understanding of health care culture and terminology.  You cannot underestimate the value of this hands' on experience. 

SHE provides community service opportunities through participating in Oregon States' Race for the Cure and The College of Health and Human Sciences annual community service project.  SHE is looking to expand its community service activities during the 2008-2009 school year. 

**Good Samaritan Regional Medical Center: (Excellent for HMP majors)

There are two categories for volunteer opportunities: patient care and office back up. Patient care volunteers work in emergency, ICU, and medical/surgical departments. Office back-up volunteers work in medical records, the library, and internal medicine. Gift shop clerks, baristas for our espresso cabana at Avery Square, and hospital coffee/newspaper cart attendants also needed. Contact information:

phonne:  (541) 768-5083,

email:  gsrmcvolunteerservices@samhealth.org 


**Students interested in applying at GSRMC should do so ASAP because there is a waiting period to get a volunteering job at this hospital!

Benton County Health Department                                        

Volunteers would be on an as need basis requested by program managers. Programs include: Community Health, Mental Health, Environmental Health and Administrative. Please contact Janet Black at 766-6837.


Community Outreach Clinic                               

Please contact Lisa Quick at (541) 758-3000 ext. 110. Call during clinic hours: Monday: 8:30-10:00am, Wednesday: 6:30-8:00pm, and Friday: 8:30-10:00am. Tours, contact Lee Tinker, ext. 107.   www.communityoutreachinc.org

Benton Hospice:  Benton Hospice Service provides training for caring individuals in Benton and Linn Counties who would like to make home visits to patients with life threatening illnesses. Class meets Thursdays from 9am - 12pm for eight (8) weeks. The materials fee is $25. Please call Mari Beth Hackett at (541) 757-9616 for dates and times of trainings. Also ask about administrative volunteering.     


Check out volunteer opportunities at the LB Vision website, www.lbvision.org with over 100 non-profits to choose from. Call (541)753-9197.