Mon, 12/01/2014 - 17:00 to 18:30
Weniger 304
Event Description: 

We will have pizza and computers available for anyone interested in filling out the mentorship survey and participating Winter and Spring terms. The mentorship survey will be used to pair lower division students (those who have not taken Paradigms yet) with upper division students. Being paired with a physics major with experience in research and upper level classes is great introduction to the physics department. Merely by virtue of being at OSU longer, we have experience communicating with the professors and navigating the requirements of our major, and we would like to share those perspectives with other students. There will be many SPS events throughout the term to attend with your partner, and we encourage you to hang out outside of Weniger as well. The only requirement of being in a pair is that you can meet at least three times a term.

If you have time beforehand, please fill out the mentorship survey. We will be using the survey to pair upper and lower division students that have commonalities. 

See you at the Pizza Party!


Welcome and Introductions

Get some Pizza

What is the mentorship program?