Originally a team of a handful undergraduates, the OSUSVT has expanded in numbers and now includes a significant portion of engineering graduate students as well as undergraduates of all levels and a variety of interests in science, engineering, and business. The team continues to give students hands-on experience in team work, engineering, and business management, as well as providing outreach in sustainable transportation engineering to the community of Oregon.

The goals of the team include:

  • Building and racing solar-powered vehicles. 
  • Providing teamwork, business, and engineering experience to students. 
  • Providing education on electric vehicles to students and the community. 
  • Representing OSU as a leader in alternative energy engineering. 
  • Stimulating research on efficient transportation. 
  • Enhancing relationships between OSU and industry.

The team is organized into five main groups:

  • Mechanical: The mechanical team is in charge of machining the frame of the car.
  • Body: The body team is in charge of constructing the outer shell of the car.
  • Array: The array team is in charge of cutting, soldering, and laminating the solar cells into modules.
  • Electrical: The electrical team is in charge of designing and building all the electronics and computer systems in the car.
  • Business: The business team is in charge of fundraising, advertising, and making sure the team completes all the tasks needed to compete in the race.