IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN PLAYING, contact Addie Miller at osuwrc@gmail.com and JOIN OUR EMAIL LIST HERE

We have 3 practices a week Tuesday and Thursday from 4-6 p.m and Wednesday 6-8 p.m on SLP on campus as well as morning fitness sessions on Wednesday's at 6 a.m. on campus at the Merrit Truax Indoor Practice Facility.

Rugby is the most exciting sport to play. Nobody knows where that dang ball is going to bounce, which is the great equalizer between players and teams. No matter your level of skill or fitness the laws of rugby and that goofy looking ball make it a rewarding challenge to all who play.

Do you really want to stay fit by sitting on a stationary bicycle, or would you rather be playing a game? To play rugby our coaching staff will get you fit while having fun. We have two (2) practices a week, and we offer professionally monitored strength training and fitness sessions outside of practice.

Our coaching staff has over thirty years playing experience and ten years teaching new players the game. We will teach you how to pass, kick, and tackle with skill and confidence. A rugby team needs people of all shapes and sizes. There is a position for anyone willing to make the time. Many of this year's returners have only one season under their belts and new people are always welcome.